Katuna Villas

How to get there


Alternative ways to get to Lefkada island:

By car

The distance from Athens to the island of Lefkada is around 380km through the bridge of Rio- Antirio (Patra). The distance from Thessaloniki to Lefkada island is around 377km.

By airplane

Flights performed from International airport of Eleytherios Benizelos, in Athens to the Aktion airport, next to the town of Preveza. Also, there are daily charter flights from Europe to the Aktion airport. The distance between Lefkada and Preveza is approximately 30 minutes by car.

By ship

There are daily timetables connecting the Corfu and Hgoumenitsa with many ports of Italy. The distance between Lefkada and Hgoumenitsa is 110km.

By bas (KTEL)

Bus is another way to get to Lefkada island, from Athens is around 5 hours and from Thessaloniki is around 4, 5 hours.

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